What is hospice palliative care?

The Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association defines hospice palliative care as a special kind of health care for individuals and families who are living with a life-threatening illness that is usually at an advanced stage. The goal of palliative care is comfort and dignity for the person living with the illness, as well as the best quality of life for both this person and his or her family. A “family” means whoever the person considers to be family. It may include relatives, partners and friends. It is an integrated program in which physical, social, emotional and spiritual support is provided to patients and family members coping with advanced illness, death and bereavement. The care can be provided in the home, hospital, nursing home or at the Hospice House for North Hastings.

Who can receive care from Hospice North Hastings?

Any persons living in North Hastings facing advanced stages of any progressive illness can receive care. Referrals can be made by the individual, the family, clergy, friends and members of the health care team. Contact Hospice North Hastings at 613 332-8014.

Do patients have to pay?

There is no charge for any of the Hospice’s programs however donations are encouraged and welcomed.

Can a family stay overnight at the Hospice House?

Yes. Families are encouraged and welcome to stay either at the bedside or in the family accommodation room.