Patient Story

“I just wanted to extend a thank you to the team at Hospice North Hastings. From the very first day that the Hospice staff got involved, they always went above and beyond to ensure Aunt Dar was taken care of. For those of you that do not know, Aunt Dar loved Christmas… going to hospice meant missing the Christmas spirit at home. We asked if we could decorate her room to make it feel more like Christmas. Without hesitation, the Hospice staff put up a tree in her room and had it decorated before she arrived. She was able to watch Christmas movies, listen to Christmas music all while in her Christmas themed Pjs. The students from OLM (her place of employment) created Christmas themed pictures and crafts to help decorate her walls as well, in addition to a book of their favorite memories. We were able to add some festive lights to her window and her tree was decorated with pictures of family. We were able to stay overnight with her, there was a bed in her room for us to sleep on, a couch and a chair. Hospice truly allowed us to move right into their space to make it the best possible experience for Aunt Dar and for us as her family. A door code was provided to us so friends and family could visit 24/7, we were able to come and go as we pleased. The staff not only checked on Darlene to make sure she had everything she needed, but they also checked on us. We have a very large family, they did not limit the number of visitors she was able to have. At times there were 25+ people there to see her, reminiscing and sharing stories and memories. On her final day she was graced with the presence of a cardinal outside her window, and on her final day she was able to have 22 of us by her side as she made her peaceful journey to heaven. Our family is grateful to Hospice North Hastings and their staff for the loving care, kindness, and hospitality they provided during this difficult time. The comfort you were able to provide is truly appreciated and will be remembered.
You never truly know the value of a place like Hospice, until you experience it first hand.”      – Jocelyn Jan